Here are some of my recent testimonials that I pulled from my Etsy store, which you can visit here.

"Could Not Be Happier"

Alyssa on Nov 1, 2023

“I could not be happier with my synastry reading with Abbey! I am so grateful that I stumbled across her profile when I was searching for answers with a connection I had so many questions about. I messaged her before purchasing my reading about what she could tell me, or answer, and she responded to me so quickly! She really is so knowledgeable and took the time to share information that I would not have been able to look for or find on my own.”

"Generous with Her Time"

mumkhanova on Oct 6, 2023

“The experience with Abbey was 5-stars. She was attentive, engaged, generous with her time and on-point insights. Abbey delivered the final product beyond my expectations – a very personalized experience, above and beyond of simply reading my natal chart. She turned me from a skeptic into a believer! In my case, I had no idea what my birth time was. Abbey worked with me online and offline to narrow down the birth time, by analyzing key events in my life and asking me many questions. She kindly offered an extra video call to provide a comprehensive picture and clarify any doubts.”

"Highly Recommend"

Anna on Jun 16, 2023

“Abbey is amazing and I highly recommend ordering a reading from her. I gained so much insights from this reading and that is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you so much, Abbey! You are the best!!”

"The Best Reading I've Gotten"

Raven on May 27, 2023

“I revived a synastry reading and it was the best reading I’ve gotten she is very detailed she focused on important details in the chart and explained everything so well I love the video format so I can see what she is looking at nothing I have ever seen before I was quite intrigued . Will be back for more.”

"She Is Legit"

Olga on Apr 12, 2023

“This is really long reading and I have to re-watch it couple of times to really remember all the details I think I would remember but after an hour of watching, other details took over😊 Thank you Abbey, you really did put huge time and energy in it! As a side note for those scrolling and wondering, I knew about her couple of years before she came on Etsy. So, know that she is legit and experienced reader!”

"Will Definitely Be Back for More"

mmartin09 on Mar 13, 2023

“Best astrology reading I’ve had. Everything she said made absolute sense!!! Would totally recommend and I will definitely be back for more readings.”

"Definitely Not your Average Astrological Reading"

Kayleigh on Mar 2, 2023

“I had such a lovely call with Abbey… as someone who already knows my Western astrology, she immediately catered to my knowledge base and revealed interpretations of my chart(s) that I had never heard before. This is definitely not your average astrological reading experience!! I loved the way she focused on ancient concepts, destiny, past life karma, and specific details that rang so true, rather than just describing my personality. She stopped to let me ask questions (and ask me questions) throughout. She gave me insights on my life’s overall needs, but also zoomed in to 2023 and even 2020-2040 when she noticed something special about the transits. Her breadth of knowledge lets her work off the cuff, so it felt insanely personalized. AND *no fear mongering* but no sugarcoating. It won’t be my last time working with her!!! :)”

"Incredibly Accurate"

giannaelsenburg on Mar 2, 2023

“She’s incredibly accurate and explains things very well. I’ll be booking another reading, I’ve had a lot of astrology readings done and she’s one of the best ones I’ve had in terms of accuracy and information- especially if you want background information about your chart- she goes in depth and talks about astronomy as well. Very interesting and informative.”

"Resonated to My Core"

Cat on Feb 16, 2023

“Abbey did a Natal Chart reading for me, and it seriously was INCREDIBLE. I’ve had readings with several astrologers. She is the first and ONLY to go into such depth, and share insights that resonated to my core. The information she shared with me is already helping me on my path of self-knowing and discovery. I think anyone even remotely interested in the power of Astrology should have a reading with Abbey. She is a gifted, compassionate, warm, and intuitive woman. A true healer. <3”

"Blew Me Away with the Accuracy"

leogrr44 on Jan 30, 2023

“Absolutely fantastic reading. She communicated with me a lot about when she would be done with the reading which I really appreciated. During the reading she was very thorough and covered quite a bit of information. It was very accurate and highlighted exactly what I have been going through and gave me the validation I needed to make some decisions I have been struggling with. She even covered specific health issues that I do have and that blew me away with the accuracy. 100% recommend.”

"Such and Amazing Reading"

Olivia on Jan 29, 2023

“Abbey has done it again. She has blown me away with her insight on my situation. She is truly gifted and gives such an amazing reading unlike any other. I follow her on her new Youtube channel just to get more of what she knows. Anyone that knew there was more to this world need to check her out. She has tapped into where science meets God. Truly amazing <3 <3 <3″

"First Time using Sidereal and Wow!"

Victoria on Jan 12, 2023

“This is my first time using the sidereal and wow! There are many details new to me that resonated. Abbey took time to explain details of my chart thoroughly and provided feedback on how to handle some possible challenges. I look forward to more purchases :)”

"Absolutely Worth It!"

Victoria Crystal Svanikier on Jan 11, 2023

“This was the first time that I’ve received an in-dept birth chart reading, and I was blown away by how much was revealed resonated with me and confirmed a lot of things about myself that I already knew and made sense of some of the things I’ve been through in my life. I would highly recommend Stellar Astrologer. It was absolutely worth it!”


Three Wishes on Jan 9, 2023

“I highly recommend a reading from Stellar Astrology. She is a consummate profession and very communicative. Especially if you are familiar with traditional/western astrology, her reading and deep insights into the original myths influencing your chart will sure to be very illuminating. They certainly were for me!”


"Most Profound Reading I Have Ever Had"

Olivia on Jan 4, 2023

“LET ME TELL YOU! This reading was the most profound reading I have ever had done in my life!! Abbey is an amazing astrologer with a wealth of knowledge that completely exceeded what I was expecting. She explained everything beautifully even if your not an expert in astrology. I’m so glad I took a chance and found her. She has my business for life. Everything she pointed out completely resonated with me. She is worth way more than she ask for in pricing. I can’t tell you enough how pleased I am with this reading. It spoke to my SOUL!!! Love her!!!!”

"Unbelievably Accurate"

Katy on Dec 31, 2022

“The things that this astrologer told me about my character were profound, things that no one has ever put into words but were true. They also enabled me to understand have things can work out the way they do – and how to potentially change. (Change for me is difficult – but I can see how it would help me.) She could tell me things that had been big themes in my life – and answered questions (that I did not ask her – but are a fundamental questions I have been asking myself). It was not what I was expecting. I thought it more date/directional. It was very different. But it was unbelievably accurate and has given potential solutions that I will try to focus on the improve my outcomes. Thank you so much for the reading. I am hoping to follow some of you ideas on your youtube channel – you have a unique perspective and a talent.”

"Best Reading I've Ever Had"

Anup on Dec 21, 2022

“Thank you for the reading, Abbey !. Abbey is a very thorough and gave me the best reading I’ve ever had <3 I cannot recommend her enough!”

"Goes Into Detail"

Shiloh on Dec 8, 2022

“Great and unique reading. She is very personal even with the recorded readings. She is goes into detail and mentioned some things I relate to but never about in a reading. She is really good at telling you what your placements/aspects are and putting all together to make one whole story. She is also a great communicator and delivers her reading in a timely manner. She doesn’t leave you in the dark if their is a delay. 10/10 would recommend and buy again.”

"Astounding How So Much Resonated"

Dolma on Dec 7, 2022

“Got a 30 minute video reading and am absolutely in love with how the details are laid out and explained to the client ♡ I found it astounding how so much resonated within, and found it nice how Abbey would let you know both strengths and weaknesses in your chart! There were tips included on what to do with any possible blockage that may be down my road, or so that’s how I interpreted it! lovely person with a calming voice for my overall reading — I’m extremely satisfied and was contemplating on getting another purchase WHILE I was halfway through the video! In a way, the reading had a tremendous light bulb effect for my spiritual self. I pretty much always knew what I wanted to do, but my overthinking held me back from my own possibility… seeing how it all unfolded was… like, oh! What a reassurance! Recommended!”