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Resources for Sumerian Astrology, History, Language, Culture, and More

Here is a list of recommended reading for anyone interested in Mesopotamian astrology, history, language, religion, and culture. These are my Amazon affiliate links to the hardcopy/paperback versions. Where possible, I have also listed links to free PDF versions, as many of these books are out of print, and quite expensive.

From $50 – $107

A Sumerian Language manual/textbook, based primarily on the Ur III period. Contains 27 lessons with sign-lists, vocabulary, text, images, and more.

From $1.25 – $30

Cultural, political, social, and economic history of Mesopotamia, ranging from pre-history to the common era.

From $5 – $28.41

A scholarly and detailed account of Mesopotamian civilization, most-notably of the Sumerians, Assyrians, and Babylonians.

From $27.49 – $33.89

An in-depth exploration of the Babylonian sky and the star-lore embedded therein. While not a how-to manual for practicing astrology, it’s a must-have for anyone interested in ancient astrology!

From $6.25 – $70.89

A survey of Mesopotamian development and history, including cultural, economic, political, and technological achievements of the people of the ancient Near East.

From $23.28 – $89.95

An easy-to-read dictionary of Near Eastern myth from Mesopotamia. Includes deity myths, worship, and temples, as well as descriptions of character and roles in mythological narrative.

From $0 to $45.95

This follow-up to the revolutionary Worlds in Collision details the geological evidence for a extraterrestrial impact in within human memory.

From $3.47 – 13.39

An award-winning translation of the oldest story recorded in writing.

From $9.44 – $22.70

An abridged paperback selection of Foster’s two-volume work on Assyrian and Babylonian literature, Before the Muses; perfect for university-level courses.

From $4.99 – $18

An easy-to-read account of Babylonian astrology, suitable for the layman. Section one focuses on scholars and archeology. Section two concerns astrology and cosmology.

From $15.80 – $50.94

An introduction to the customs and beliefs of ancient Mesopotamia, including religious, mythological, and magical sources.

From $45 – $91.51

An introduction to the Sumerian era of human innovation, detailing the development of the written word, with insight into its metaphysical significance.


A scholarly reference brimming with textual sources concerning Mesopotamian astrology, with a focus on the State Archives of Assyria (SAA) and Enuma Anu Enlila (EAE). Currently out of print, but you can download a fee PDF version from Academia.edu.

From $118 – $196.92

A wealth of evidence for the Babylonian development of Classical astrological theory and technique. A scholarly work, but a must-have for any serious student of astrology. You can download a free PDF version from Academia.edu.

From $4.32 – $14.87

An updated translation of some of the most important Mesopotamian myths, inluding the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Descent of Ishtar, the Epic of Erra, Nergal and Ereshkigal, and more.

From $7.01 – $37.59

A beautiful recreation of ancient Near East spirituality and religion. Includes detailed evidence for the Mesopotamian roots of Western civilization.

From $0.00

The revolutionary and paradigm-shattering book amassing and dissecting the whole recorded history. Discover the uncanny similarities between accounts of cosmic destruction found in the religious, cultural, and historical record around the world.

Free Online Resources

Learn Sumerian Online—30 Free Sumerian Lessons

As far as I know, this is the only Sumerian grammar written for non-linguists and scholars. It’s 100% FREE, but if you find it helpful, consider donating via PayPal.

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