About SumerianAstrology.com

My name is Abbey Quinn. I’m a professional astrologer of over 20 years. While I consider myself an ancient astrologer, I specialize in Sumerian astrology. I created this site for a few reasons…

I Created SumerianAstrology.com...

To Share Information about the Original Astrology of Ancient Mesopotamia

There is so much information out there about astrology, and even more scholarly information about ancient Mesopotamia. Unfortunately, there’s very little information on how ancient Sumerian astrology developed into what exists today in India and in the west.

What does exist provides almost no guidance for astrologers who want to practice the ancient astrology. For these reasons, I’m going to be compiling as much information as possible on the topic!

To Help People Learn about Sumerian Religion, Language, and History​

I absolutely love 𒅴𒂠. That’s transliterated as eme-ĝir15 and means native tongue. It’s what the Sumerian people called their language. The Sumerian people called themselves 𒌦 𒊕 𒈪 𒂵, transliterated as ùĝ-saĝ-gíg-ga, and means, the Black-Headed People.

If you found any of that it interesting, be sure to bookmark this site and subscribe to my RARE-BUT-TOTALLY-NOT-LAME NEWSLETTER, because I’m in the process of posting a 30-part online Sumerian lesson series—a Simple Sumerian Grammar, designed to help you master the Sumerian language. And best of all, it’s Free!

Origins of the Zodiac Signs on the Path of the Moon

To Provide Seekers with Access to Ancient Astrology Readings and More

Like the Mesopotamian people, I absolutely love astrology! When done correctly–using true astronomical positioning (the Sidereal Zodiac and astronomical time), in conjunction with the original Sumerian and Babylonian meanings and descriptions of the planets and constellations, an astrology reading becomes an invaluable tool for understanding yourself and your experiences, and navigate and exploit future astronomical conditions.

As well as providing ancient astrology readings, I also provide spiritual counseling and coaching for those looking for more regular support on their spiritual journey. You can check out my available astrology readings and coaching sessions here.

To Serve as a Tribute to the Moon God, Nanna

I know it’s confusing for some, but while I am a Śākta (pron. ‘shakta’); a devotee of Mahādevī, the supreme goddess in Hinduism, I also consider myself 𒂗𒀭𒋀  en dnanna (I’ll leave that one for you to translate).

In Sumer, it was the Moon, not the Sun, that was the master of time. Nanna was a gentle, loving god of wisdom and fertility who looked after all living things, day and night. While Nanna’s ancient temples are gone or in ruins, this loving deity still watches over us, and provides us with profound spiritual and material knowledge through meditation, and astrological insights.

To Serve as a Virtual Shrine to the Sumerian Deities

Aside from time travel, remote viewing, or transcendental experience, there’s no way to experience a working Sumerian temple. The best we can do is look longingly at ancient ruins like the Ziggurat of Ur and wonder what it would have been like to see it busy with temple priests and priestesses, bringing offerings of food, fire, and incense–and probably some animal sacrifices–to the Sumerian deities.


While you can certainly create a shrine in your home for them, I’m also going to be creating a little virtual shrine here too. I’m still not entirely sure how I’m going to do it, but my goal is to recreate any virtual offerings, such as candles, incense, and prayers, and perform the worship service in real life, on behalf of virtual patrons, as would be the function of any Sumerian en. I’ll let you know as soon as I have more information.

How to Contact Me

Email me any time at SumerianAstrology@gmail.com, or fill out the convenient contact form below!