About Your Reading

About Your Sumerian Astrology Reading

Uses Sidereal Astrology

During your Sumerian Astrology reading, we’ll use the actual placement of planets and points in the constellations for the basis of all of our calculations and interpretations; otherwise known as sidereal astrology.

Uses the Sumerian and Babylonian Zodiac

I use the familiar 12-constellation Babylonian Zodiac, as well as the original 17- constellation Sumerian Zodiac known as the Path of the Moon.

Uses the Most Ancient Meanings of the Constellations

We’ll be using the oldest known meanings of the planets and constellations as they were in ancient Sumer and Babylon.

Sumerian Astrology Reading

Held Live via Zoom

Your Sidereal Astrology reading will be held live via Zoom, as it makes screen-sharing and recording much easier. The reading is exceptionally detailed, so we’ll want to record it!

Included with Your Reading

Along with your live session, you’ll also receive:

  • A private YouTube link to the session recording, which you can watch at your leisure, or share with friends and family if you choose (I can send a video file as well upon request).
  • Screenshots of all relevant astrology charts.
  • Follow-up questions via email after you’ve had time to review your reading.


My prices are $100 per 30-minute session. Depending on how much time you want, the price is:

  • 30 minutes—$100
  • 60 minutes—$200
  • 90 minutes—$300
  • 120 minute—$400

The Only Astrologer Doing True Sumerian Astrology Readings

Any Area of Life

I price my sessions in 30-minute increments, regardless of the topic. You decide how much time you want, and what you’d like to focus on. Some common topics are:

  • health, wellness, and healing
  • finances, home-life, and relocation
  • career, opportunities, and business
  • romantic and platonic relationships and synastry
  • creativity, fertility, and children
  • family, relatives, and relationships
  • education, communication, artistic ability
  • spirituality, past-lives, psychic development
Sumerian Astrology Reading | Sumerian and Babylonian Astrology

Any Reading Type

Most of the above information is embedded in your natal chart, which is why I recommend a full 60-minute Sumerian astrology reading for your first time. However, during your session, we can pull up additional charts, including:

  • planetary return charts
  • synastry charts
  • relocation charts
  • astrocartography charts

I can guarantee—You've Never Had a Reading Like This

A True Sumerian Astrology Reading

As far as I know, I’m the only person on planet earth who does Sumerian astrology readings. There are a few astrologers out there who claim to do Babylonian astrology, but most of them are doing classical Greek astrology with a few Babylonian meanings.

NOT for Entertainment Puruposes

As an ordained minister and en dnanna, I consider my work as an astrologer to be wholly spiritual. While your reading will certainly be entertaining, I perform astrology readings as apart of my spiritual practice. In other words, my ultimate goal is to help you get closer to God—whatever that looks like for you.

You Get to Decide What Happens

I approach astrology from a neutral place; that is, I don’t believe anything in your chart is inherently benefic or malefic. Astrology provides conditions, and YOU get to decide what to do with them.

How Much Time to Book

First-Time Readings

If it’s your first time getting a Sumerian astrology reading with me, I recommend a 60-minute session. However, I can and will get you all the information you need in a 30-minute session if necessary. If you have a lot of areas you’d like to cover, such as synastry, returns, relocation, etc., then I recommend a 90-minute session.

Follow-Up Readings

Because we’re so thorough in our initial session, 30-minute readings are usually sufficient. If you’re not sure, you can always book a 60-minute session to ensure we have enough time.

Booking Your Reading


I’m currently scheduling all sessions mornings 07:00AM—1:00PM EDT (GMT -4 ).


To schedule your Sumerian astrology reading, fill out the form below, or email me directly at SumerianAstrology@gmail.com (Be sure to check your spam folder for my reply).

At some point, I’ll need your date, time, and city of birth to pull up your astrological charts. You’re welcome to send them in advance, so I can have them ready for the session.

If you’d like to add any additional personalization, such as “buying a reading for a friend”, or “not sure about the birth time”, feel free to send that information as well!

Buying Your Reading

Three options to pay for your session:

  1. I can send you an electronic invoice
  2. You can send your payment to paypal.me/sumerianastrology
  3. You can buy your reading through my Etsy store: https://stellarastrology.etsy.com

If you have a promo code, let me know so I can apply it to your invoice.

If you’re sending payment via my PayPal link, don’t forget to apply any discounts.

    About Me and My Services

    My name is Abbeygale Quinn. As an ordained minister, I’ve been helping people tune into themselves and the cosmos since 1999. I provide all of my sidereal astrology readings as a form of spiritual counseling. If you have any questions about me, my services, or products do not hesitate to contact me! I am happy to provide you with as much information as you could want or handle!


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