Astrological Alignment Program


This Astrological Alignment Coaching Program is held weekly via Zoom. During the first week, we’ll evaluate your sidereal natal chart using the original meaning of the constellations and planets as they were in Sumerian and Babylonian astrology. We’ll meet each week and evaluate your personal and professional experiences, and determine which transits are triggering these events, providing you with precise planning power for the coming weeks. Weekly sessions last 1-3 hours, but usually average around 1.5 hours. Sessions are recorded for your use.

  • 5-weeks: $875
  • 9-weeks: $1,350
  • 13-weeks: $1,625


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This is 5, 9 or 13 astrological alignment program is designed to help you tune into yourself and the astrological energies driving your life. The astrology-based coaching sessions are held via Zoom. During your astrological alignment sessions, we’ll use ancient sidereal astrology as well as the original meanings of the planets and constellations as they were in Sumer and Babylonian astrology to determine how the daily transits of the planets are affecting YOU. We’ll cast multiple astrology charts including your natal chart (birth chart), progressed charts, and any other charts needed to get you the most detailed coaching session possible.


This personal development program uses ancient sidereal astrology to help you tune into all aspects of your nature, and your spiritual and life purposes. During the program, you’ll:

  • Get an in depth natal chart reading and analysis, so you can understand your energetic foundation
  • Receive weekly horoscope readings
  • Learn the true astronomical locations of the transiting planets in the constellations
  • Create an actionable plan based on the upcoming planetary forecast
  • Discuss your experiences with the planetary energies in the weeks prior
  • Receive weekly exercises, directions, and meditations
  • Solidify your understanding of the true power of the planets and constellations
  • Tune into the the universal and cosmic currents influencing reality
  • Take powerful steps toward creating the life you want to life


  • A detailed natal chart reading and birthchart analysis
  • Weekly astrology readings based on your individual natal chart
  • A PRIVATE YouTube link of the recording(s), which you can watch immediately or share with friends, family, or on your socials if you choose.
  • A video file sent to your email address.
  • Images of all relevant astrology charts, as well as screenshots of the sky during important astronomical dates and times, which can be downloaded via Etsy.
  • A positive, life-changing experience, that will help you tune into yourself, the people around you, and the cosmos!


A sidereal astrology chart uses the actual placements of the planets in the zodiac signs. This is the same thing astronomers do when they look up at the night sky. It’s also what Vedic astrologers do. In other words, when we do your astrology reading, Sidereal and Vedic astrologers, and astronomers all use the Sidereal Zodiac!


The astrology we all know and love dates back at least 5,000 years. It was developed in ancient Mesopotamia by the Sumerian, Assyrian, Hittite, and Babylonian cultures. In fact, the earliest writing humans have—cuneiform—was developed by the Sumerians. And much of their writing was about astrology!

The Sumerians and Babylonians are credited with the creation of the astrology chart we’re all familiar with, including the 12 zodiac signs, 12 houses, and the methods of predicting events based on the position of the planets in the constellations! In other words, Sumerian and Babylonian astrology is the original astrology! It predates classical Greek astrology by at least 3,000 years!

As a Babylonian astrologer, I use the original meanings of the planets and zodiac signs for all of my natal chart descriptions and future astrology reading predictions. When the original meanings overlap—which they often do—I also use Egyptian and Vedic astrology.



My name is Abbeygale Quinn. As an ordained minister, I’ve been helping people live their best lives since 1999. I’m a professional astrologer with over 20 years experience. I specialize in Ancient Astrology, including Sumerian and Babylonian Astrology.

I provide all of my astrology readings as a form of spiritual counseling or personal development coaching. If you have any questions about my astrology reading or coaching programs, do not hesitate to contact me! I am happy to provide you with as much information as you could want or handle.


I’m currently scheduling live sidereal astrology readings and coaching sessions mornings EST (GMT-5).

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5 Weeks, 9 Weeks, 13 Weeks


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